Memorial Day - Monday, May 28 

Admission is free on this day of remembrance. A Salute to Veterans takes place at 11:00 a.m. in Liberty Hall, with music by the Montevallo Community Chorale. Historical vignettes, including Patrick Henry: Trumpet of the Revolution, drilling with the Continental Army, and Games on the Green are offered until 3:00 p.m.

There will food vendors onsite with Polish sausage, steak sandwiches, hamburgers, bar-b-que, corn dogs, ribbon fries on a stick, lemonade, tea, water, soft drinks, funnel cakes, and shaved ice.

Memorial Day 2018 



Independence Day 1776! 

July 4th is our biggest red, white and blue event of the year. Bring the family and enjoy historical vignettes, music and dancing, the Battle of the Redcoats and Patriots, salutes to veterans, hands-on children’s activities, and much more! Over a dozen food options are available to satisfy your hunger. Gates open at 11:00 a.m. and activities culminate with fireworks at twilight’s last gleaming. Admission is $5, children ages 4 and under, veterans and active duty military are admitted free.




The American Village is proud to offer the following programs for visitors:

Monday-Friday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. through June 1 is our Public Tour,The Liberty Experience.”

Vignettes are offered at scheduled times throughout the day, and you may take part in one or all. Open all day to explore on your own are the National Veterans Shrine and Register of Honor, the Randall Museum, Concord Bridge and the White House Oval Office. Admission is $10.00/adults (ages 18-59); $9.00/youth (ages 5-17); $9.00/seniors (age 60 and over); children ages 4 and under, veterans and active duty military are admitted free. Reservations not required.

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Experience the power and drama of America's struggle for independence, liberty and self-government. Step back in history to the time of the American Revolution. Visit with patriots who helped frame what America is today.

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Tour the National Veterans Shrine and Register of Honor

The National Veterans Shrine is patterned after Philadelphia's Carpenters Hall. The Shrine honors our veterans' service and sacrifice for America and its freedom. It features major sculpture and paintings by nationally-renowned artists. Interactive media, artifacts and exhibits will help answer the questions: "Who are our country's veterans?" "What did they do for our country?" and "What do we owe them?"

Housed within the Shrine is the Veterans Register of Honor, a website and database containing photographs, biographical sketches, and stories of America's veterans and active members of the United States Armed Forces.


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Visit the Oval Office

The American Village Oval Office is the only full-scale replica in the country fully accessible to public and school visitors.


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Explore the Randall Museum

Dioramas depicting significantevents in American history, as well as figures of all the American Presidents and First Ladies are presented in miniature.

A must-see!


ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES (availability varies by day - see the schedule of events for today's activities):

Begin your tour in the Estes Theatre with the Liberty Experience Orientation Video

Join the Continental Army
Enlist in George Washington’s Continental Army and march, shoulder to shoulder, towards America’s independence.

Meet a Famous Patriot of the Past
You could meet George Washinton, Martha Washington, Patrick Henry, Abigail Adams, Lucy Knox, Phillis Wheatley, Thomas Jefferson, or other famous Americans!

Protest the Stamp Act
The year is 1775 and the American colonists have had enough of the new British taxes. Protest against these measures and let the tax collector know just how you feel.

Enjoy Colonial Games on the Green
Have you ever tried to roll a hoop? Do you think you can hit the trap ball?  The Colonial Games Players are ready to teach you! 

Colonial American Justice
Hear how trials were conducted during the 18th Century, and find out what awaited those who received a verdict of “guilty.” 

Continental Army Field Medicine
Soldiers in the Continental Army often had forces working against them that were even more frightening than the redcoats.  Matron Sarah Ray will explain the “cutting edge” medical practices of the day.]


During the school year, you may also participate in our scheduled educational program of the day. Please call ahead for reservations if you would like this option. Contact Jessica Averett at (205) 665-3535 x 1062, or email




Tuesday-Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. June 5 through July 28 (excluding July 3-5) is our Summer Season Signature Program, “Celebrate America!”


Come for red, white and blue all-American family fun. Read the Village Gazette upon your arrival at the Visitors Center to find out each day’s revolutionary events. Summer admission is $5, children ages 4 and under, veterans and active duty military are admitted free. Reservations not required.

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