Summer 2021 Schedule of Events

The American Village is currently closed.

Due to the continuing challenges posed by COVID-19 as it relates to very large gatherings, and to ensure the protection of our visitors, the American Village will not be offering its usual Independence Day activities this year.

However, the Village is excited to announce that it opens to the public for Red, White and Blue Days every Monday-Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. June 14th (Flag Day) through July 30th. It will be a fun-filled experience for visitors of all ages.

Admission will be $5 per person. Veterans, active military, and children ages 4 and under will be free.

puppet show

The schedule will change day-to-day, but here are some of the activities that will be available during Red, White and Blue Days.

Meet patriots of the past, including:

Thomas Paine

Patrick Henry

Martha Washington

Abigail Adams

Mercy Warren

Dolley Madison

Phillis Wheatley

Henry Knox

Sarah Fulton

• Learn about 18th Century Apothecary and Colonial Army medicine
• See a Puppet Show
• Enjoy Colonial Music
• Visit the Encampment and learn about the Continental Army
• Learn about 18th Century clothing
• Play outdoor games
• Find out about colonial crime and punishment

And the American Village is also pleased to announce that it will offer a full year of new and exciting school programs beginning October 1.