Current Programs

January 11 - May 27

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Additional activities (availability varies by day - see the schedule of events for today’s activities):


Meet Patriots of the past:

Abigail Adams:  Portrait of a Lady Patriot - Meet one of America’s most revolutionary women, and discuss her ideas of independence, liberty, and America’s future.

Dolley Madison: A Famous First Lady Speaks - Hear entertaining anecdotes from one of the most colorful and dynamic ladies to ever occupy the White House. 

Lucy Knox: A Soldier’s Wife - Hear the tale of this fiery patriot who left her loyalist family behind, in pursuit of love, patriotism, and freedom for her countrymen.

Thomas Jefferson Have you ever wanted to ask a founding father a question? It’s 1776, and Thomas Jefferson entertains visitors with a discussion of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” 

Mercy Otis Warren - Meet one of America’s most revolutionary women, and discuss her ideas of independence, liberty, and America’s future.

Phillis Wheatley: A Poet’s Journey A poet, scholar, and visionary wise beyond her time, Phillis Wheatley opens the door so that all may one day enjoy the vision of freedom expressed in our Declaration of Independence.   

The Trumpet of the Revolution, Patrick Henry - It’s 1775, and the Royal Governor of Virginia has declared Patrick Henry an outlaw! Discover why this fiery statesman is hated by the crown, and adored by the patriots. 

The Young Mrs. Washington - In 1765, the Revolutionary War was far from beginning.  Visitors receive a unique glimpse into the life of Martha Washington as she tells stories of her own experience, during a time of change in the American Colonies.


Other Vignettes:

A More Dangerous Enemy - For a soldier in the Continental Army, there were forces working against them that were even more frightening than the redcoats. Matron Sarah Ray will explain the “cutting edge” medical practices of the day.

Begin the Road to Revolution/Protest the Stamp Act Are you angry about England’s unfair laws of taxation?  Join angry colonists in protest of the Stamp act.

Colonial American Justice - Hear how trials were conducted during the 18th Century, and find out what awaited those who received a verdict of “guilty.”

Colonial Games on the Green - Have you ever tried to roll a hoop? Do you think you can hit the trap ball?  The Colonial Game Players are ready to teach you! 

Revolutionary Women and FashionLearn about 18th Century clothing, and the how the Revolution began to change role of women.  

Volley Fire and Battle CryEnlist in George Washington’s Continental Army and march, shoulder to shoulder, towards America’s independence.



Admission Prices:

  • Veterans and active military FREE
  • Adults $10 
  • Seniors (60+) and Youth (5-17) $9 
  • Children 4 and under, free